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Galapagos Cachalote yacht

Galapagos Cachalote yachtOnboard the fully air-conditioned Cachalote, you will experience great comfort and relaxation as we take you through the famous Galapagos archipelago. Enjoy an air-conditioned environment abord the yacht and indulge yourself in a great international cuisine. Our friendly and professional staff will make sure your journey in the Galapagos will be unforgetable.

Cachalote I is a charming 96 foot schooner offering first class service. She  is equipped with 8 double occupancy cabins, making the total passengers 16. Each cabin has its own private A/C unit making it fully air conditioned, plus its own W.C. with hot and cold water 24 hours a day. Passengers can relax on one of the three wooden decks while sailing or just anchored in a harbor, but don’t forget that sunscreen!

Come visit the Galapagos Islands on board this handsome schooner, you can enjoy beautiful cruising through the islands, spot dolphins and whales, snorkel with the sea lions, see red- and blue-footed boobies, frigate birds with inflated red pouches, you can enjoy the scenery and volcanoes, and see black, white and red sand beaches. Come, relax and have fun on this well appointed vessel.

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