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Galapagos Encantada sailboat

Galapagos Encantada sailboatM/S Encantada allows you to sail among the Galapagos Islands in a charming candy-apple red schooner affectionately known as the Encantada (the Enchanted).

This 70 foot yacht can accommodate 12 passengers in twin cabins with upper and lower berths, each cabin has A/C and private facilities with how/cold water. Cruising at 7 knots with a 5-person crew, including a naturalist guide, the Encantada is an ideal boat for private charters and scuba diving groups as well as for your naturalist Galapagos Islands holiday. The M/S Encantada, an exotic, romantic motor sailer is outfitted to carry 10 passengers on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to the Galapagos Islands.

The Yacht Has 3 Subdivisions: All The Interior Subdivisions And Screens Are Constructed With Complete Fire Rotectionsystem From Prow To Pope. Large Interior Dining Room, Sitting 12 Passengers. Independent Gas Kitchen Area Equipped With 3 Freezers For preservation, Blowers And Smoke Extractors.

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