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Hotel Galapagos

There are many hotels in the Galapagos Islands. Hotel Galapagos is the original.

Hotel Galapagos

Now with Scuba Iguana diving service, it is also a PADI resort.

Since 1961 Hotel Galapagos has welcomed travellers to comfort in the wilderness. We have fourteen rooms on the ocean shore in five acres (20,000 mts.) of natural gardens, your personal wildlife park with varied habitats from cactus to mangrove, like a private nature preserve on the shore of Academy Bay. Hotel Galapagos is renowned for reliable services, delicious home style meals, and friendly attention in a relaxed ambience.

Just next door to the Charles Darwin Research Station, with its displays, library, land iguana project, and giant tortoise breeding center.

Most Galapagos visitors see this amazing place with 16 to 100 passengers on an island-hopping cruise. It is the only way to reach all the aspects of Galapagos biodiversity. The busy itineraries are assigned by the National Park. The Park also licenses the Naturalist Guides who accompany the tours on unpaved trails, through black lava and mangroves, thorny bush and giant cactus, jumbled rock and red earth or volcanic moonscapes, amidst colonies of birds, iguanas, sea lions, and more. It is a thrill to be so close to so many animals unafraid of humans. Booby birds and albatross nest on the footpath, dozens of marine iguanas sprawl in heaps, sea lions frolic as you swim, surprises at every turn.

Galapagos is among the few truly wild places where in considerable comfort visitors can enjoy a primitive environment. It is not a zoo or an amusement park, rather a complex living system.

Your experience of a natural park should be more than a photo opportunity. Especially if you come here directly from your modern life, it takes time and contemplation to absorb the rhythm and the meaning of this unique ecology.

Hotel Galapagos offers this wildlife paradise just outside your window. The Hotel’s garden is your private nature reserve, one of the few places in Galapagos where visitors are free to take time with nature, your personal experience without itineraries or interruptions

Explore Galapagos in depth before or after your cruise. Investigate at the Darwin Station Library. Charter a small boat to our favorite landings, a day of isolation at a rockbound beach where herons and iguanas are your only companions. Create your Galapagos adventure as the spirit moves, today in the water with schooling fish and sea lions, tomorrow siesta in a seaside hammock. The next day visit giant tortoises and lava tunnels in the highlands forest and lunch at a country restaurant overlooking the island’s slope to the sea.

At the end of your day, rest in a spacious airy room on the ocean shore. We offer first class accommodations, friendly service and great food, all in the midst of the real Galapagos. Your options are open at Hotel Galapagos.

Hotel Galapagos Features

    * Decades of experience, a family hotel in continuous operation since 1961.
    * In 1969 Hotel Galapagos originated the first scheduled Galapagos tours. ¡
    * Dozens of marine iguanas, hundreds of birds - in the hotel grounds.
    * Fourteen rooms in five acres of shoreline gardens.
    * All rooms face the sea breeze.
    * All rooms have unobstructed ocean view.
    * Famous home-style meals.
    * Two shaded seating areas in the garden with fabulous views of Academy Bay. Comfortable wildlife observation point. A wonderful place for a meal or drinks.
    * The hotel property is a peninsula. We see sunrise and sunset over the water.
    * See our historical monument, the oldest house on the island, Sigurd Graffer’s sod-roofed stone hut. (See
      for more information about the Norwegians of Galapagos.)
    * We have our own small boat dock.
    * On site, our own scuba dive boat and dive shop, “Scuba Iguana”.
    * Away from the noise of town, but close enough to walk.
    * 700 meters from the Charles Darwin Research Station.
    * We operate our own chlorinated water system.
    * Auxiliary Diesel generators guarantee continuous electrical supply in case of local system failure.
    * We have our own repair and maintenance shops.


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