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How to visit Galapagos Islands
User: Jean Smith
Date: 11/1/2012 4:12 pm
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Galapagos is a world class destination, it's absolutely a top destination for most travelers and seekers of new adventures or breathe taking places from around the planet.

In order to enjoy a trip to Galapagos you must consider going by yourself and previously book for hostels, hotels and guides or you can pick a cruise with a premade itinerary.

Having a company set your itinerary gives you an advantage over others, because the company works to provide you the best destinations and they already know what are the places that most visitors enjoy, so it works in most cases, it worked in mine.

After deciding if you want to go by yourself or by a cruise you have to start researching about Galapagos, because it is not just one island that you can visit, it has around 7 islands where you can go, and considering that any cruise will visit all the destinations inside Galapagos, you should be picky on your itinerary, so you can visit what you really want.

After researching I found out that the most interesting place and where everybody should go is the Genovesa Island, it's a great place where you can see so many birds and different animals you can't imagine. A good site for researching the information of each place and the activities and animals is - here you can do a really good research and also find the available boats with their itineraries.

After choosing the places you want to visit also pick a boat you may be interested in. Some boats may have really high prices and don't really worth it. Read for reviews in forums and stick to your budget.

Once you have the destinations you want to visit and the boat, try to ask your operator, or in this case in the previous websites use the live chat tool so the operators and travel agents give you itineraries of the specified boat that visit the destinations you picked, if the boat doesn't visit that certain place on any itinerary, they can also offer you other similar boats.

I really hope you enjoy your Galapagos Trip in any of the Galapagos Cruises available, there must be one for you.

Bon Voyage!



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