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Galapagos travel advisor - Hotel & yacht tour packages

Hotel / Yacht tour combo

A hotel / yach tour package combines speed boats and small yachts, without living courters, with Island based accommodations, to offer an economical yet attractive hotel / boat package, allowing you to spend more time on land to live and experience the Galapagos Islands in a more relaxed and comfortable style.

You will spend your days enjoying the Galapagos Islands tourist attractions traveling onboard fast tourist boats. And after your day trip relax during the evenings in the cozy atmosphere of your hotel, or get out and enjoy the interesting nightlife that the islands have to offer.

Bargain with the locals for your souvenir T-shirts or local handicrafts, and dine in the evenings in your choice of restaurant. These are just a few of the numerous advantages that you can enjoy with the budget oriented hotel / boat package. This type of program is much cheaper than a liveaboard cruise, it is also advantageous for families travelling with infants and toddlers or for people who do not like to sleep in a really small cabin (not the case on the larger more expensive cruise boats).
The main drawbacks of this type of package versus a liveaboard program are:

    * You must navigate during the daytime to reach visitor sites. It offers "more time" on the Islands (You sleep at an Island hotel) yet it also spends more time navigating between visitor sites.
    * You only get to visit the visitor sites close to the populated Islands where your hotel is located.
    * The quality of visitor sites and guide services is usually (not in all cases) lesser than with liveaboard yacht cruises.

The bottom end comes down to how much you are willing to spend and if you feel more comfortable sleeping at a hotel rather than a yacht or cruise ship.

We have listed below some of the most popular boat / hotel itineraries and trips with a list of tour operators that offer this type of program

Day trip yachts and tour operators

Galapagos travel advisor - hotel yacht combo Maverick, luxury class boat for island cruises by day and lodging in the Islands hotels by night.
Galapagos travel advisor - Esmeraldas III day trip yacht for hotel and yachts combo programs, sleep at hotels on the Islands and navigate to visitor sites by day.
Galapagos travel advisor Hotel Yacht program My Dome boat for day trips, offers combined tours with lodging in Puerto Ayora at Fiesta hostel.
Galapagos travel advisor Ilusiones yacht hotel program and day trips from Santa Cruz island to nearby islands and visitor sites. Lodging at Fiesta hotel by night naturalist trips by day.
Galapagos travel advisor - Galapagos shark yacht hotel program, lodging at hotel Lobo de Mar in Puerto Ayora with day trip cruises to nearby Islands and visitor sites.
Galapagos Travel Advisor - hotel yacht program Santa Fe II day trip yacht, visiting Islands close to Santa Cruz and visitor sites, departs from Puerto Ayora - Academy Bay
Galapagos travel advisor - Antartida II yacht hotel program departing from Santa Cruz Island, works with main hotels in Puerto Ayora, small boat for 16 passengers budget oriented
Galapagos travel advisor - Verito yacht hotel program offering day trips from Academy Bay with lodging in Puerto Ayora. Economy oriented for 16 passengers.
Galapagos travel advisor Blue attraction yacht hotel program offering lodging on San Cristobal Islands and day trips on board this fast boat equipped for 16 people.
Galapagos travel advisor Christine yacht hotel program, day trips from San Cristobal Island visiting near by visitor sites and Islands, she is brand new and carries 16 passengers

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