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Galapagos Integrity

Galapagos InegrityThe Galapagos Integrity, a 141 ft. luxury yacht customized to carry 16 adventurers in luxury.

Built in the USA, the Integrity began operations April 4, 2005, following a total refit that conforms to the highest standards for luxury Galápagos cruising. All systems including engines, transmissions, electronics, water filtration and sterilization are new, as are the interior decorations and furnishings.

All cabins are on the main deck and are lower twin or king-bedded. There is an owner’s suite and one single cabin. Each cabin has large picture windows, individual climate control, satellite telephone, a stocked refrigerator, and an entertainment center with CD/DVD, VHS, and LCD monitor. Bathroom facilities are en suite with a shower, lavatory and toilet. In the second deck salon, you’ll find the bar and lounge seating.

Meals are served at tables of 4 to 6 not far from a galley designed for gourmet chefs. On the covered top deck, you'll find a spa, a bar, barbecue and comfortable chaise lounges where you can relax, enjoy a beverage or nap in the gentle breezes.

With its huge, state-of-the-art stabilizers and vibration control, the Integrity will carry you through Darwin's Islands more smoothly than on any other yacht. You'll enjoy peerless comfort as you tuck into your spacious, smartly decorated cabin and watch the boobies go by!

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