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Staying at Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island

Isabela, the Galapagos Islands best kept secret awaits you… Isabela Island awaits visitors with its indescribable beauty and incredible flora and fauna that make Galapagos one of the world's most important national parks. Immerse yourself in this natural paradise, dare to adventure and experience the unique culture of isabela. We invite you to enjoy the excellent hospitality and to discover the natural beauty of this enchanted island.

Puerto Villamil offers a wide range of accommodation. Various small pensions and hostals offer high quality accommodation in Puerto Villamil.

Isabela has spectacular visitor sites unique to the Galapagos. You can visit Isabela´s beautiful beaches, crystal clear bays and coastal lagoons with a huge variety of plants and birds without taking a cruise. You will also see first hand some of the most impressive changes in vegetation, climate and landscape that Galapagos has to offer.

On arrival to Isabela, your first impression will be its turquoise blue waters, palm trees and its sandy streets. Puerto Villamil, the only town on Isabela Island is situated on a 3km stretch of white sand beach.

Just 2200 people live on the island; many of whom make a living from fishing and ecotourism. In the highlands, 7.5 km from Puerto Villamil there is an agricultural sector. Here cattle are raised and a variety of fruit and vegetables produced.

Isabela - the largest of the Galapagos islands

The Galapagos Islands also known as the Enchanted Isles, occupy more than 3100 square miles. Isabela takes up more than half of that territory. The island is crossed by the equator in the north, and is located approximately 600 miles from the coast of Ecuador in South America.

Isabela was formed by five enormous volcanic craters and is located in one of the youngest geologic zones in the world, formed less than 1 million years ago. All five volcanoes are still considered active and have a history of recent but non-dangerous eruptions.

In southern Isabela you will find the largest area of beaches in Galapagos. There is also a system of coastal lagoons and mangroves that help support the principal colonies of aquatic birds.

97% of Isabela Island is territory of the Galapagos National Park.

We have listed all lodging options for Isabela with real passenger reviews we invite you to explore our list of hotels to help you plan your travels.

Isabela accommodations

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