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Galapagos travel advisor - Economy & budget boat reviews

Galapagos budget cruising

These are budget oriented Galapagos Islands cruises for people with a tight pocket. These cruises are usually popular with backpackers and young people.

They follow the same course as the majority of the other boats without the luxuries. The bathrooms are usually shared with some exceptions(oftentimes with the crew as well), the rooms are small to cramped, and you aren't guaranteed a guide with a good command of the English (French, German etc.) language, yet the guide is certified by the Galapagos National Park and has gone through strict training.

An advantage to going on an economy cruise is the smaller size of the yacht. There are fewer people, and it can be a more intimate experience. Sometimes it is a gamble with these boats, the cheapest of the cruise boats in the Galapagos Islands.

A lot of travelers who choose boats in this class leave wishing they had spent the extra couple of hundred dollars for a boat in a higher class. There are also quite a few travelers who have a great time, though, and save a lot of money. With some research and the reviews posted in this section, you should be able to avoid the lemons and get the best for your money. There are quite a few that have a good record of happy passengers.

If you choose the right boat you will have a great experience at a lower cost.

Galapagos economy class yachts

Galapagos travel advisor - Rumba yacht comfort & value, 10 passengers in 5 double cabins with private facilities. One of the best values in the Islands. see trip reviews & contact info.
Galapagos travel advisor - Merak catamaran layout & description, basic accommodation with the extreme privacy of a 12 passenger boat. See reviews and direct reservation info.
Galapagos travel advisor - Yolita yacht description & details. See reviews from real travellers and cruise operator contact for direct bookings. Great value.
Galapagos travel advisor - Gaby yacht layout & details, Islands cruises on a small boat. Ratings and reviews from past guests, direct reservation information.
Galapagos travel advisor - Golondrina yacht overview & layout of this motor sailor. See trip outline and ratings. Direct booking information.
Galapagos travel advisor - Antartida II yacht outline & details, basic boat accommodations at a real low price. See reviews and ratings for this vessel, information for direct bookings.
Galapagos travel advisor - Cormorant yacht description overview, cruise route, reviews by real travellers and unbiased opinions. Booking information.
Galapagos travel advisor - Poseidon yacht details & reviews. See opinions and ratings from past guests. Information for extra savings by booking direct with operator.
Galapagos travel advisor - Espanola yacht details & description. See reviews and opinions from travellers and get direct booking information.

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