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Galapagos first class cruising

When refering to a first class cruise in the Galapagos Islands we also take into account the remoteness and high eco standards boats must meet. Do not expect our first class standards to be the same as international standards.

Having given the above briefing, our next section in our website introduces you to all the Galapagos cruise yachts in the first class category.

Cruising through the Galapagos Islands first class is a comfortable and pampered experience. Galapagos islands cruises, first class, are equipped with private baths, A/C, hot water, dining rooms, lounges with TV/VHS and stereo, gourmet meals and an encyclopedic level naturalist guide. The First Class tour cruises are in powerful yachts, you can go farther distances, enabling you to see the far-away islands like Genovesa, Isabela & Fernandina.
First class cruise yachts have comfortable, spacious and elegant sleeping quarters, well trained & experienced crews.

Evenhough first class yachts have unique, distinctive features that contribute to an extra-comfortable experience and a special touch of elegance and refinement they lack the extravagant perks & amenities that would put them into the luxury class category.

Galapagos Islands first class yachts

Below is a listing of the first class yachts that cruise the archipelago.

Galapagos travel advisor - Nemo I Catamaran details & layout for this very stable and private motorsailor, traveller comments and ratings, scuba equipped. Contact info.
Galapagos travel advisor - Nemo I sailing catamaran description and layout, dive equipped, see passenger reviews and comments, contact details for direct reservations.
Galapagos travel advisor - Archipel I catamaran description & testimonials for this well appointed eco-catamaran that uses solar energy. Trip reviews and booking contact.
Galapagos travel advisor - Archipel I eco-catamaran description & contact information for this well appointed catamaran that uses solar energy. Trip reviews and booking info.
Galapagos travel advisor - Beagle (Andando) sailboat description & cruise program details, passenger reviews, trip comments and details for booking with operator.
Galapagos travel advisor - Beluga yacht comments & reviews, small private boat, description of facilities and Islands tour program. Contact information for direct bookings.
Galapagos travel advisor - Diamante sailing yacht testimonials from passengers who have been on board, Islands cruise boat description and operator contact details.
Galapagos travel advisor - Rachel motorsailor descriptions & details, very intimate and private for 8 passengers, ideal charter boat. See reviews and contact details.
Galapagos travel advisor - Reina Silvia yacht layout, dubbed queen of islands yachts, see passenger reviews and ratings. Contact details for direct bookings.
Galapagos travel advisor - Sagitta sailing schooner details, three masted motor sailor, passenger reviews and testimonials, operator contact info.
Galapagos travel advisor - Tip Top II yacht information, very comfortable boat, details on cruise programs and accommodations, traveller testimonials and contact information.
Galapagos travel advisor - Tip Top III motor yacht details and facility information, cruise itinerary and passenger reviews for this well appointed boat. Contact details provided.
Galapagos travel advisor - Liberty yacht information & layout for this private boat, accommodation facilities and cruise route, trip reviews and passenger ratings. Contact info.
Galapagos travel advisor - Monserrat yacht information & reviews. Boat details, layout and on board ammenity description. Passenger testimonials and comments. Contact info.

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