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Galapagos hotel & resort reviews

Galapagos Islands Accommodation Guide / Holiday Travel Accommodation  brings you the full selection of Galapagos accommodation establishments to choose from.

Whether you are planning a luxury vacation to Galapagos or backpacking and doing the Island hop, Galapagos offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget and travelling style.

Luxury 5 star hotels and dive resorts or, to suit the more budget conscious traveller, small hotels, inns, hostals, guesthouses, Galapagos bed and breakfast, luxury and budget self catering facilities can be found on

What we think is really cool is that you get the real story about Galapagos Islands hotels:

    * Updated every minute, every day by real travelers
    * "Been there, done that" inside information
    * Contact info so you can deal directly and get the best deals for your travel dates

Galapagos travel advisor provides recommendations for hotels, resorts, inns, hostals and guest houses. Real travellers  review and comment on properties visited.

Literally all Galapagos Hotels and a great choice in mainland Ecuador! Find a category, find a hotel, contact a hotel, or review a hotel!

Voyagers Travel can help you with your Galapagos hotel bookings:

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