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The below maps cover diferent aspects of the Galapagos Islands archipelago, they incluide the locations of visitor sites, scuba diving hot spots, snorkeling sites and other tourist attractions.

Of course we have included geological, altitude, climatic and sea current maps and the latest satelite photos of the archipelago.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the Galapagos map you want more detail of, once done viewing click on the back button of your browser to continue visiting the Galapagos travel advisor.


Galapagos map collection

The above collection of maps illustrates the diferent aspects of the Galapagos archipelago.

The charts can help you plan the perfect trip, including all the highlights and type of visitor sites that catch your interest.

For example the altitude chart shows the locations of the highest volcanoes, the wildlife map shows the location of the diferent species, the Galapagos snorkeling sites are located on another map, there also is a scuba diving map and others.

If you have an interest in blue footed boobies, most any cruise itinerary will allow you to see plenty of them. Of course if you would like to see flightless cormorants the wildlife map will show you that they can only be found on the western side of Isabela and on Fernandina Island.

It can be complex to put together your interest with the cruise itineraries available. This is why we suggest you contact a knowledgeable travel agent with experience in booking Galapagos cruise to help you.

This gives you some interesting questions to ask your agent:

- Can you find a cruise itinerary that includes my interests?
- Which boat covers my selected Islands and on which day does it depart?

By becoming familiar with the diferent Galapagos maps you can make sure your travel agent is helping you find what your really want.

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