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Galapagos tourist superior cruising

Galapagos Tourist Superior Class yachts are an affordable option and have comfortable ammenities like A/C, private baths and hot water. Yachts in this class are not as Perked up as in higher categories - you won't have as much space and extra luxuries like bronze decor and teakwood, yet the food is of great quality with fresh ingredients, a well performing crew is there to offer high quality service and the guide is a true expert - All your basic needs will be more than taken care of.

The Galapagos islands cruises in the Touist Superior class are comfortable, somewhat roomy, and economical. A great option for travellers on a budget but aren't ready to give up all the everyday life creature comforts.

If you are looking for Galapagos boat that is up to high standards, but will not empty your bank account, these mid-priced boats are an excellent option.

Galapagos tourist superior yachts

The following boats have good to excellent standards in service and accommodation.

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Galapagos travel advisor - Cachalote sailing yacht information, she is elegant and spacious yet intimate. See passenger reviews and ratings for this boat. Direct contact details.
Galapagos travel advisor - Angelito yacht cruising information on this first class service boat. Passenger commentaries and recommendations, operator contact info.
Galapagos travel advisor - Estrella de Mar yacht description & details of on board amenities, comfortable boat. Passenger reviews & contact info for direct bookings
Galapagos travel advisor - Spondylus yacht information & details, new in December 2004 built for private Islands cruises, passenger testimonials and direct booking contact.
Galapagos travel advisor - Angelique sailboat details & layout, romance at seas is the words that best describes this motor sailor, passenger reviews and direct contact info.
Galapagos travel advisor - Lobo de Mar III yacht description and information on cruise programs for this extremely comfy boat, traveller testimonials & ratings. Booking info.
Galapagos travel advisor - Vision catamaran cruise description of sailing yacht eco ventilation and comfort. Passenger ratings, direct booking contact.
Galapagos travel advisor - Adventure I yacht description & layout of this well appointed boat with a jacuzzi on the sun deck. See passenger comments & reviews. Direct bookings information.

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