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Galapagos Mary Anne

Galapagos Mary AnneThe M/S Mary Anne is a speedy sailing yacht with a square rigger design. Although it offers 14 cabins, this yacht typically sails with only 16 passengers, allowing travelers more space than typical sailing yachts. All cabins have a double lower bed and upper twin bunk with private baths.

Mary Anne´s speedy and elegant design continues the legendary Square rigger tradition. With almost 1000 square meters of sail and her slim stern, she is a fast motor-sailing yacht.

The brigantine was launched in 1997. Guests enjoy the informal atmosphere and genuine windjammer sailing experience aboard S/S MARY ANNE.

Exploring the Galapagos on board a sailboat offers a romantic experience, although sails are not always displayed or used, this is due to the lack of enough wind to fully complete the itinerary which is carefully planned by the park authority in order to avoid over impact on certain visitor sites. Therefore sailboats use their motor most of the time.

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