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Galapagos Red Mangrove Inn

Galapagos Red MangroveThe Red Mangrove Inn is the only Galapagos hotel {Puerto Ayora} that was built in the middle of magical and captivating red mangrove.

A great option to experience the other Galapagos

Much has been said about the Galapagos; its flora and fauna, its volcanic history, its Spartan beauty, its mystery. Year after year people from all over the world flock to our Islands, a virtual time machine, to see how our planet must have looked millennia ago. Most of these visitors hop from island to island on an organized boat tour. As a result, tourism in the Galapagos Islands has become standardized. While this may suit some travellers, we think there is another way to experience the Galapagos.

From more than twenty years of experience, the people at the Red Mangrove have created an alternative land-based program that allows visitors to tailor their Galapagos vacation, not select from pre-made tours put together by people who presume to know what you want. Use the Red Mangrove Inn as base, and choose the activities you enjoy most; plan day trips to other islands, go kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, windsurfing, surfing, trekking or mountain biking, and much more.

The Red Mangrove Inn is one of the unique places on earth where beauty, tranquility and ambiance merge.

This Galapagos hotel is situated in a grove of wild red mangrove perched on the edge of the blue sea, the Inn is peacefully removed from the hustle and bustle of town, yet only a stone's throw from the Charles Darwin Station and downtown Puerto Ayora. Guests typically start their day on the Inn's waterfront terrace, often in the company of sun-basking marine iguanas, scuttling Sally Lightfoot crabs and soaring Frigate birds.

Following breakfast, an array of activities can be enjoyed such as 4x4 jeep tours in the highlands, horseback riding, mountain biking, bay tours, kayaking, or just relaxing on the terrace with the sun, the sea, and salty-fresh island breeze.

The Inn can accommodate up to 38 guests in  3 double rooms, 2 triple rooms, 2 rooms for four people, 2 rooms for 5 people,  and 1 room for 8 people. The majority of rooms have ocean views and all of them have private bathrooms and ceiling fans.

Breakfast: from 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
Dinner: from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Contact information:

Website: Galapagos Red Mangrove Inn

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