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Galapagos Spondylus yacht

Galapagos Spondylus yachtThe Spondylus is a brand-new yacht for Galapagos travel. Completed late in 2005, it is now taking passengers to the legendary islands that first inspired Darwin's theories of natural selection. The Spondylus is air conditioned, and all rooms have private baths with hot and cold water. All rooms have lower beds, which a very unusual feature in the Tourist class range.

The Spondylus, was hand crafted using an Ecuadorian coastal traditional shipman's technique and boasts a unique style in the Galapagos Islands.

The yacht is named after the Spondylus seashell which is only found along the coast, north of the Gulf of Guayaquil towards Esmeraldas. For more than 3500 years different cultures used the shell in ceremonies, rituals, as jewelry and traded it along the coast and inland.

A professional nature guide takes you on excursions to the most interesting Galapagos Islands and shows you the extraordinary beauty and variety of the endemic wildlife and plants on land and in the sea.

The onboard chef offers a daily buffet of a variety of local and international dishes. Our bartender mixes delicious drinks and the crew's hospitality will ensure you a pleasant stay on board. Our accommodations consist of 9 fully air-conditioned double cabins with lower beds, each with private facilities with hot and cold water. From our spacious sundeck enjoy the spectacular views of the islands while having a drink at the bar, sun bathing or socializing with your new friends from all around the world.

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