Beluga Yacht

Beluga Yacht Cruise

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The Galapagos Beluga yacht has a spacious interior has a catching modern design, aslo it’s fully air-conditioned with a comfortable lounge and two separate dining rooms accommodating eight guests each. This liveaboard carries up to 16 passengers that are accommodated in eight beautifully furnished staterooms, two cabins have upper and lower berths, four have two lower berths, and two are suites with large beds each). Indoor areas with panoramic windows and outdoor deck areas that are broad and well furnished and offer its guests relaxed setting to enjoy a delightful rest in between shore excursions.

Galapagos Beluga Yacht Cruise Programs

Fully equipped for diving, the Beluga yacht has ample deck space, making it an excellent way to see the Islands above and below sea-level. Daily guided hikes on the islands allow guests to enjoy nature encounters with the Galapagos animals. Beluga yacht Galapagos cruises offer 6-day and 8-day itinerary options, these routes land at nature rich visitor sites approved by the Galapagos national park; each of these is cruise programs unique and diverse. The liveaboard program is planned with experienced naturalists to lead lecture packed walks. The group has the opportunity to experience the Galapagos Islands up close and in intimacy. The Beluga yacht cruise itineraries can be combined into a 15-day itinerary, which we strongly recommend for those guests who wish to have a complete and in-depth experience of the enchanted isles.


The Fernandina Expedition M/Y Beluga yacht 8 days Galapagos trip

8 Days

Itinerary Hood

5 Days

Itinerary James

4 Days

Technical Specifications

  • Category: Premium First Class
  • Capacity: 16 passengers
  • Length: 110 ft.Beam: 23 ft.
  • Cruise Range: 12 knots cruising.
  • Type: Motor Vessel, Steel hull yacht
  • Boat Name: Galapagos Beluga Yacht