Galapagos Legend Cruise

Luxury Class Motor Vessel

From $1,799.00 per Person

Just like the North Pole, El Dorado and Shangri La, simply uttering the name of the Galapagos Islands conjures up images of a unique, almost mythical landscape. However, unlike some other legendary places, it’s possible to visit the Galapagos Islands for a holiday that you’ll never forget.

The spacious accommodation afforded by the Galapagos Legend allows each passenger the space to relax and soak up the atmosphere of the islands. Its elegant design blends in with the surrounding environment and allows you to complete your adventure in style.

The five decks of the Galapagos Legend give passengers plenty of opportunities to stroll around and socialise outside, while observing the unique wildlife of the islands and waters during their Galapagos Islands tour.

Perfect for watching the sunset or for gazing at the stars in the night sky, the deck space is ideal for families, couples and individuals to enjoy and explore as the ship passes through the archipelago.

The itinerary of your Galapagos Islands tour will depend on the length of your trip, but all journeys will take in the main highlights of the region including the flora, fauna and geographical sights.

The Galapagos Legend has a team of multilingual naturalists on board who can help give you a better understanding and appreciation of the islands. This expert knowledge is invaluable as the Galapagos Islands are unlike anywhere else on earth, so recognizing their wonder and majesty will really help to complete the experience of your Galapagos Islands tour.

During the days you’ll be able to get out on foot and explore some of the natural habitats of the islands, and observe the wildlife up close. And in the evenings, after a long day of extraordinary sights and experiences, passengers can enjoy a well-earned rest in the spa or relax around the pool and watch the landscape pass by.

Offering everything that you’re looking for and more, the Galapagos Legend is the perfect ship for your unique island cruise, so reserve your spot now and start to create a Galapagos legend of your very own.


Deluxe Northern Island Cruise Large Ship Journey

4 Days

Deluxe Vessel North & West Islands Cruise

8 Days

Deluxe Western Islands Cruise Large Ship Voyage

5 Days

Deluxe Central Islands Cruise Large Ship Journey

4 Days

Deluxe Central & Southern Islands Vessel Cruise Journey

8 Days

Deluxe Southern Islands Cruise Large Ship Voyage.

5 Days

Technical Specifications

  • Gross tonnage: 2890 t.
  • Length: 301 ft (92 m)
  • Wide: 47 ft (15 m)
  • Decks: 4
  • Made in: Germany
  • Rebuilt: 2002
  • Remodeled in: January 2017
  • Speed: 17 knots
  • Life Rafts: 22 for 25 pax each
  • Dinghies: 6 for 20 pax each
  • Glass bottom boat: 1
  • Kayaks: 4 double, 1 single
  • Safety: ISM, SMC, ISSC, IOPP, DOC
  • Electricity: 110v
  • Guest Capacity: 100
  • Crew: 60
  • Guides: 6 multilingual naturalists